The perfect union between Sauvignon Blanc and Vidal grape varietals and made exclusively from certified organic grapes, this wine is crisp, with aromas and flavours of luscious pinneaple, apricot and fall apples. The clean smooth finish lingers long on the palate leaving refreshing tropical fruit. This wine helps raise funds for sustainability of life on earth initiatives.

750 ml              13.5% alc./vol.             $22.00

Sauvignon Blanc

An elegant crisp wine with aromas of grapefruit, gooseberry, lime, and hints of lemongrass. The body shows a delicate structure with a strong finish. Serves well with oysters, other shellfish, poultry, salads, cheeses, and sushi.
750 ml           13% alc.     $21.00

“This wine is such a bowl of tropical fruit flavours that it was more than at home in a line up of fruit wines. It begins with aromas of peaches and guava and has flavours of pinneapple, gooseberry and peaches. A real tour de force”. John Schreiner, author of Wineries of British Columbia.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich in garnet colour, this wine has a nose of wonderful hints of blackberry, plum, allspice, mocha scented oak and black pepper. The palate is rich with raspberry, bell pepper, plum, and a lingering cassia finish. Serves well with garlic and rosemary lamb, venison, BBQ steak, prime rib, and bold pastas.
750ml         13.5% alc.    $26.00

Crushed Innocence


Our Crushed Innocence wine is lovingly crafted from 100% white fleshed peaches. The crushing of this pure and delicate fruit captures the real heavenly bodied expression of peach elixir.

It is a clear, translucent wine, with a full summer bouquet of honeysuckle and wildflowers, with notes of perfume. The velvety smooth flavour bursts with peach and passion fruit, plus hints of orange and is wonderful on its own or with fruit salads, desserts and light cheeses.

375ml            12% alc               $21.95

…”…delicate yet intensely focused and virginally pure.”
John Schriener/ Author of Wineries of Brirish Columbia.

“..this wine is different and more sophisticated than any other fruit wine I’ve tried in Canada.”
Dani Greene/ Sommelier and Editor  British Columbia Wine Trails.



Impearfection embodies the frail and exotic delicacy of the Asian Pear and blends it sinfully with its own sugars and spices.

This Asian Pear wine is a light gold in  colour with complex aromas of papaya, mango, wildflower honey, and ginger. It exudes pure flavours of allspice, creme caramel, honey, and tropical fruit. Enjoy this complex wine with Asian Cuisine such as duck, seared scallops, grilled pinneapple, cheesecakes and  creme brulee.

375ml                       13% alc                   $21.95

Jay Drysdale / Sommelier and Manager of Toasted Oak Wine Center Oliver B.C.

Pomme Desiree


Pomme Desiree is blended from six apple varieties. The unique process of cryo extraction captures the pure natural concentrate of the fruit.  This wine is a beautiful golden colour with complex aromas of candy apple and tropical fruit. Pure expressions of rich, ripe apples, cinnamon, and caramel, rule the wine’s taste and it pairs perfectly with turkey, goose,  apple pie, pumpkin pie, cheesecakes, 5 year old cheddars and makes an elegant apple martini.

375ml  11%alc                                       $29.95

“”..….Iced Apple wines have taken top honours two years in a row. …;this one is grown in British Columbia’s Similkameen Valley. Forbidden Fruit has been growing a range of organic fruits for 30 years. This golden nectar has wonderfully pure apple expression, elegantly wrapped in sublte caramel notes. The sweetness is beautifully balanced by fine acidity”.
Wine Access Magazine Decenber 2010/ January 2011.

Ice Lady Mistelle

A light golden wine made from certified organically grown Similkameen Valley pink lady apples and honey. The wine has aromas of fresh apple blossom with flavours of fresh apple butter puree, honey, almond and a hint of licorice with a long finish. Wonderful as an aperitif, after dinner on it’s own or with cheeses, foie gras and desserts.

375ml             18% alc./vol.                     $21.95

Plumiscuous Plum Mistelle


A plum nectar wine made from Euro and Asian  red plums. The aromas of this wine embrace the exotic delicate plum, and the palate exudes ripe plum, tropical fruit, melon and notes of strawberry and cranberry.

375ml                     17% alc                      $26.95

” Lovely fresh, tart, somewhat sweet style, but balanced. Packed full of citrus, spicy, peppery, mineral, canned plum, strawberry flavours. Serve solo and well chilled for dessert”.
Anthony Gismondi, B.C.
Wine pick of the week, Vancouver Sun.

Caught Apricot Mistelle


Nectar of the Gods in a bottle! This wine is made from 3 varieties of organic apricots and exudes the intense sweetness and spiciness of the apricot.  Luxurious and velvety on the palate, it’s as if the tree ripened apricot was squeezed straight into the bottle. Great accompaniment to exotic appetizers, desserts, cheeses, and white chocolate.

375 ml              17% alc                    $26.95

“This fortified dessert wine is made from certified organic apricots. It’s a  harmonious and elegant wine that reveals aromas and flavors of apricots and peaches”.  Platinum winner.
Wine Press Northwest

Cerise D’Eve


Cerise d’Eve is lovingly crafted from fresh, sweet cherries. Made in the authentic port style, this wine is aged with oak and envelopes the true characteristics of deep rich cherries.   It is a shimmering red port wine with huge aromas of ripe cherries. Bursts of red ripe cherry flavour govern the complex nature of the oak aged port wine which is an excellent accompaniment to dark chocolate desserts and after dinner digestifs.

375ml            17% alc             $29.95

“…”…simply luscious, bursting with fresh cherry, spice and toasty oak flavour…”.
Cinda Chavich / Avenue Magazine, Calgary

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