2013 Awards

Double Gold– Speachless Dry Peach– All Canadian Wine Championship

Gold- Earth Series Sauvignon Blanc– All Canadian Wine Championship

Silver– Earth Series Merlot—National Wine Awards of Canada

Silver– Earth series Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2010– All Canadian Wine Championship

Silver– Earth Series Cabernet Sauvignon-Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Silver– Bliss Fortified White Cherry-Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Silver-Caught Apricot Mistelle-Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Silver– Crushed Innocence White Peach– Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Silver-Impearfection Asian Pear-Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Silver– Pomme Desiree Iced Apple-Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Bronze– Earth Series Canernet Sauvignon RS—National Wine Awards of Canada

Bronze– Earth Series SauVidal– National Wine Awards of Canada

Bronze—Cherysh cherry Rose—National Wine Awards of Canada

Bronze-Cerise D’Eve Red Cherry Fortified– Savour Northwest Wine Competition

Bronze– Impearfection Asian Pear– All Canadian Wine Championship


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