The Fruit Garden

 It all began with Kim and Steve in 1981 on raw, virgin bench land along the Similkameen River. Ven ‘Amour Organic Farms has been farmed organically since day one, in 1977. The farm was certified organic in 1984, the year certification began in B.C. The farm is family operated and the orchards are planted on a gentle sloping hillside bordering the Similkameen River and are completely isolated from commercial farming areas. Their joyful commitment to their stewardship of the land, along with their programs of soil sustainability, farm sanitation and natural predators, enable Kim and Steve to bring you the cleanest and finest quality fruit. The farm has been sourcing out and producing exotic tree fruit varieties for over 25 years. Growing over 60 varieties, the couple specialize in varieties of soft fruit from cherries, apricots, peaches, and plums to exotic varieties of apples, pears, both European and Asian.
The farm supplies many stores in B.C. and across Canada. We also supply families with farm gate sales. For more information, please contact us. (250)499-2649


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